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God of War 2 is an action-adventure game starring a Greek hero named Kratos who must slaughter his way back through time to prevent his own betrayal at the hands of Zeus.

The God of War franchise is one of the most popular series of the last 15 years. Originally released in 2007, it has come to be hailed as the greatest game of the Playstation 2 by Complex Magazine. Owning this trailer is owning a part of gaming history.

God of War 2 is a third-person single player game which features combat against hordes of enemies and complex, gigantic monsters. It is also well known for its quick time events in mid-combat, which often includes insane moments such as tearing out the eye of a cyclops or cutting off the wings off of a giant eagle.

The main character Kratos is famous for wielding two chained blades, which can be used in the game in progressively more elaborate combinations as your skill progresses. When an enemy is weakened, the player can perform a combination which enables a cinematic sequence to kick in for a dramatic finish.

Kratos begins the game wielding the Blades of Athena. As events unfold, Kratos acquires newer and stronger weapons such as the Spear of Destiny, the Blade of Olympus and Poseiden's Trident (which allows Kratos to survive the water levels). There are other obtainable relics to collect like the Amulet of Fates, the Golden Fleece and the Wings of Icarus. The Amulet is especially interesting, as it allows the player to slow the passage of time around Kratos.

The game is set in mythical version of ancient Greece. Kratos explores the ancient city of Rhodes, the Island of Creation and even The Underworld. He battles the insanely-huge Colossus of Rhodes, rubs elbows with Gaia (voiced by Linda Hunt) and has a final showdown with Zeus himself. The murder of Zeus may lead to the destruction of Olympus itself, which Athena herself tries to warn Kratos about.

To date over 4 million copies of the game have been sold worldwide. It was part of the God of War Collection, which upgraded the game for the Playstation 3. The collection was eventually made downloadable in the Playstation Store and a Playstation Vita version is planned as well.


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